We can manufacture to your unique requirements!

We manufacture a standard range of metal display fittings, suitable for both slat wall or pegboard systems, however we can custom manufacture to your requirements as well. If you have a regular item you require we will hold it in stock for your convenience.

We have access to all the latest equipment such as laser cutters and mig, tig, and spot welders so we can manufacture a very wide scope of product. We also have a range of production presses for punching and forming work we have a large factory capable to handle large run orders.

We also have our own in house finishing processes, so we have control over the whole job ensuring top quality and efficient service.

Our shop fittings manufacturing division formally called Metalum Industries, has been in operation by us for some 23 years and service a wide variety of clients from the large supermarket chains, to retail shop fitters, to individual sales.

Simply email or fax your drawing of what you would like to be made. We will process your request, quote on the quantities you require, and deliver on time! Its that simple!


What is Electroplating?

It is the depositing of a thin coating of zinc on to metal through an electro deposition process.

The value of zinc as a rust-proof, high luster, decorative finish for iron and steel has long been appreciated. Zinc is almost always deposited in the fully bright condition where an attractive and corrosion resistant finish is required; this can be subsequently passivated or dyed.

The advantages of the electro deposited coating is a more uniform thickness than that produced by hot dip galvanizing, and does not cause distortion or fill up holes and obliterate threads and other fine details of the work. 

Our ability to turn out high quality work in an efficient time frame is one of our strengths so if you need bright zinc electroplating please call to arrange a free quote.


Powder coating is the process where polyester (or epoxy powder) is electrostaticly deposited over the work and then cured in an oven baking process. This process is widely used for finishing in the manufacturing industry and is proven to enhance the look and durability of manufactured items.

We have a wide range of powder coat colours available and we can provide colour charts should you require them. Here at Curran we have some of the latest equipment available and an oven that can accommodate objects up to 2m x 2m square by 6m deep.

Please phone for a quote or for any technical information required.